4 Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Hotel Injury

People get injured all the time, but the point of today’s article reflects negligence and potential harm happening at places that should ensure that accidents like this never occur. Thus, we kindly invite you to go through the following lines and learn what steps to take according to Bojat Law group after a slip and fall hotel injury.  

The Negligence  

The first thing we would ask you to establish is whether the accident happened due to the staff’s negligence or it might have been your fault. In a nutshell, if it was you who caused the inconvenience, the management of the hotel will do everything they can to knock your case down. Thus, not only would entering a legal venture be costly but also be pointless.  

On the other hand, if the slip and fall came either as a direct or indirect result of hotel personnel’s actions or inactions, you should seek adequate compensation for your trouble. Bojat Law group urges their clientele to be realistic in their claims otherwise, the invested effort would be in vain, regardless of the level of proficiency of the legal representative. 

Calling the Ambulance 

When suffering an injury at a hotel, there are 2 basic means of getting the right treatment. Namely, you can either consult the personnel and ask for their help, or reach out to the trained paramedics by dialing the number of the ambulance. Besides the obvious differences in professionalism, the main distinction reflects the official paperwork you will be needing in days to come. 

Additionally, we should underline the importance of keeping the official files safe and gathered in one place due to their further role in the court. If you lack the documentation relevant to your injury, the opposing side can easily avoid responsibility due to insufficient material. 


It does not matter if you do not have professional equipment since nowadays having a smart device at your hand reach at all times is considered regular. What we recommend you do is to take photo evidence of the scene of the crash to support your claims. 

Reaching for your phone as quickly as possible and using it to capture the surroundings should provide direct insight into what might have caused or led to the unfortunate event. 

Hotel Management 

Speaking to the hotel managers should rank high on your to-do list, especially if they are willing to meet your wants and needs without going public with the details of the accident, according to Bojat Law group. Hotels tend to protect their reputation at all costs and would do whatever it takes to keep a low profile. Still, negotiating with experienced managers is not as easy as it might sound. Therefore, we advise you to consult your attorney before acting on your own steam. 

In case you have no previous experience with legally handling slips and falls in hotels, the information we discussed should help you protect your interests. Naturally, the optimal way implies working with a skilled attorney with years of experience, but the aforementioned should serve you well as a first-aid kit.

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