The Essential Guide to the Button Trap in Your Washing Machine

In the realm of household appliances, the washing machine is a cornerstone. It brings convenience and efficiency. But, like any used appliance, it requires regular maintenance to function. One critical, but often overlooked, part is the button trap. It’s a feature designed to protect your washing machine from potential damage. This damage comes from small, loose items like buttons and coins.

What is a Button Trap?

The button trap is also known as a lint filter or coin trap. It is a small device in the washing machine. It captures loose items during the wash. Its main job is to stop these items from entering the drain pump or hose. They could damage it. The button trap catches objects like buttons, coins, and small clothing. It plays a vital role in keeping your washing machine working.

Importance of Checking the Button Trap

Neglecting the button trap can lead to a buildup of debris. This debris can block the machine’s drain. This affects washing and rinsing. It can also make cycles longer and use more energy. A clogged button trap can cause the washing machine to stop altogether. This requires costly repairs.

How to Clean Your Washing Machine’s Button Trap

  1. Locate the Button Trap: Consult your washing machine’s manual to find the button trap. It’s located at the front lower part of the machine, often behind a small door.
  2. Remove and Clean the Trap: open the trap cover and remove the trap. Be prepared for some water spillage. Remove any debris or objects caught in the trap.
  3. Rinse and Reinstall: Rinse the trap under running water. This removes any leftover residue. Once clean, reinstall the trap. Make sure it’s seated well to prevent leaks.

Incorporating Self-Clean Cycles for Comprehensive Maintenance

Beyond the button trap, many modern washing machines have a self-clean (or pure cycle) setting.

  • This function cleans parts of the tub that are hard to reach.
  • This function is designed to clean parts of the tub that are hard to reach.
  • Active sentence: This function is designed to clean hard-to-reach parts of the tub.
  • Active sentence: This function cleans hard-to-reach parts of the tub.
  • Active sentence: This function cleans hard-to-reach parts of the tub.

It helps to remove moisture and detergent residue. These can cause mold and odors.

For a thorough clean, add bleach to the machine and run it for a minute to mix the bleach with water. Then, let it sit for an hour before completing the cycle. For Haier automatic washing machines, run a second empty cycle with hot water. Add half a cup of baking soda to remove any detergent residue. After the cycle, wipe down the interior with a microfiber cloth to ensure it’s clean and dry.


Regular maintenance of your washing machine’s button trap is vital. Periodic deep cleaning will keep your appliance working well for a long time. Learn these key tasks. They will prevent extra repairs and keep your washer working well.

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