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Exploring the Facets of AP Housing: A Comprehensive Guide


APSHC is a key entity in state housing. It has been a cornerstone in providing affordable housing. This is under the AP housing scheme. This initiative aims to help meet meet meet the housing needs of the poor (EWS). It aims to help them across the state. The government shows commitment. It commits to ensuring every citizen’s right to a dignified home.

Eligibility Criteria for the AP Housing Scheme

Applicants must meet specific criteria to be considered for the AP housing scheme. The beneficiary family should not own a pucca house. They also should not have received a pucca house under any government scheme in India. The scheme targets EWS households. Families with an annual income of up to Rs define them. 3,00,000 (Rupees Three Lakhs).

How to Check AP Housing Status

Beneficiaries can check their AP housing status online. They can do this by visiting the APSHCL website. A designated section allows applicants to enter their details. This lets them track their application’s progress. It provides transparency and ease in monitoring the housing allocation process.

Toll-Free Number for AP Housing Queries

For help or questions, individuals can call the toll-free number. It is for the AP housing scheme: 1902. This service helps you talk to housing authorities. It makes sure that beneficiaries get the help they need.

Leadership and Management

Managing Director Dr. G Lakshmisha leads the AP State Housing Corporation. Siva Sankar Lotheti is the District Collector of Palnadu. He oversees the housing projects and ensures they fit with the state’s goals.

Application Process for AP Housing Scheme

Applying for the AP housing scheme is a structured online process:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Access the Andhra Pradesh State Housing Corporation Limited’s website.
  2. User Registration: Complete the registration to create an account.
  3. Login and Application: Use the registered credentials to log in. Then, enter the required details and upload documents.
  4. Submission: Review the information and apply for processing.

Comprehensive Services and Initiatives

The APSHCL goes beyond housing; it builds infrastructure and development projects. These initiatives include building new houses and layouts. They also include ensuring basic facilities like water and electricity are available. They aim to promote holistic community development.


The AP State Housing Corporation Limited runs the AP housing scheme. It shows Andhra Pradesh’s dedication to ending housing scarcity and improving living conditions. The state offers financial aid, strong infrastructure, and ongoing support. It aims to give residents not houses, but homes. Homes anchor community and stability.

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